Berkeley2 Academy actually teaches something. That is a huge difference compared to other SAT places.

- Helen L.(10th, St Michaels)

Congratulations 2011 B2A Graduating Class!


Lucille W– MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, RICE, Vanderbilt, Duke, UT Bio-Engineering Honors

David B – MIT (Early Action)

Hyesu M – Emory University, UT Austin

Steve L – Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, U of Illinois Urbana Champagne, UT Austin

Sungsik K – Dartmouth College, University of Rochester (Dean Scholarship), UT Austin

Lawrence L –UC Berkeley, University of Washington, Baylor

Geon K – UCLA, UT Austin Honors

David K – UCLA, UT Austin

Ryan C – UCLA, UIUC, UT Austin Engineering, Texas A&M

Moongi J – UIUC, Purdue Engineering, UT Austin

Jackie C – UIUC, Purdue Engineering, UT Austin

Susan C – St. Louis College of Pharmacy (6yr program)

Sujin A – U of New England School of Pharmacy (6yr program), Purdue

Jenny L – University of Washington, UTD

Andy W – UT Austin Honors

Stefan T – UT Austin Honors, UC Davis, Texas A&M

Juliette C – USC, LSU, University of Alabama, U of Georgia

Ryan S – Purdue Engineering, Texas A&M, Colorado School of Mines

Joseph H– UT Austin, Baylor

Eunji J – UT Austin

Chang M – Northeastern University, USF, UIC

Joshua S – UOP, Texas A&M

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